Will Wenger’s stubbornness be Arsenal’s downfall? A fan’s perspective

July 13, 2012 in Premier League

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As a life-long, die-hard Arsenal fan our recent drought in trophies is becoming an increasing concern for me and a source of almost constant frustration. But do I have a right to be so wound up? Most Arsenal fans would exclaim “of course,” Manchester United and City would smugly agree and so would Chelsea. They have money, they are a constant threat for titles and their fans are so annoyingly self-assured. But what about Newcastle, Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton fans? Under Wenger we haven’t failed to qualify for the Champions League once, we’ve reached two cup finals since our last title win, last season we closed a seemingly impossible 10 point gap with Spurs and of all our main competitors the only ones to end the season with 6 points from us were Manchester United. On paper it looks pretty good; we’ve not won anything for 7 years, but nor have many teams. So it’s not so bad right?

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