Manchester City’s Signingless Summer

August 3, 2012 in Premier League, Transfers

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Manchester City are the only Premier League club yet to sign a new player. They have done some vital business in the window, like securing the signing the long term services of manager Roberto Mancini and captain Vincent Kompany. But City fans, since the sea of cash revolution of 2008, have come to expect a little Hollywood to their summer. We’ve come to revel in the disapproving glances and condemnation of football folk when we spend £25 million on someone or other. Last summer, it was Nasri and Aguero for a combined £60 million (for the record, you could get two and a half Olympic opening ceremonies for that shit), and just because we like the notion of throwing our money down the drain now and again, £10 million for Savic (argh). But this summer has been a rude awakening; outspent by Norwich, Swansea and West Brom, we spoilt ones have had to watch everyone else’s excitement and optimism that comes with new arrivals, and remember the glory days of summer ’11. Admittedly, a title win has eased this process somewhat.

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