Cliches galore as Italy produce cliche victory over Germany

June 29, 2012 in Euro 2012, International

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The issue with our Twitter-browsing, multi-journalist following and multi-publication reading culture is that when a particular interesting quote or statistic is discovered by one news source, you can bet that you’ll hear it over and over again, from every single source you have. Italy’s 2-1 win over Germany last night lent itself to quite a few of these; from the repeated “Pirlo peerless” quote (bet whoever came up with that is seriously smug), via the almost inevitable cry of “WHY ALWAYS HIM?” when Mario Balotelli scores a goal, to the incredible statistic that Germany have not beaten Italy in a competitive game for 50 years, last night saw the publications all unite in their use of clichés. Well, that, and in their surprise, because, boy, no-one saw this result coming.

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The Key Battles of the Semis

June 27, 2012 in Euro 2012, International

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So, two days without a feast of football from Poland and/or Ukraine. Everyone’s spent time getting over something we all could’ve guessed if we put our minds to it.

After all, England have never gone out in a quarter-final, let alone on penalties.

But to business. We’re getting to the semi-finals, where the great and the good of Europe will compete for our entertainment to be crowned the best in this mighty continent. And though it may be a team game, a lot comes down to those individual battles between direct opponents, the players that could make a difference and those who could stop them.

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Ballsy Banter 27/06/12 - The Semi-Finals are here!

June 27, 2012 in Podcasts

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The semi finals of Euro 2012 are here and we have a new episode of Ballsy Banter up, so do what you need to do and give it a listen!

On this week’s podcast, we talk about these videos, so get clued up:

There are a whole number of ways to listen, click on the ‘Podcast’ page at the top-left of the page and you can either stream it or download the podcast from there. Or just click here to go there direct. Also, for iPhone/iPod users, you can subscribe to it on iTunes and if you have an Android phone, any RSS podcast app will have it available for download by just searching us. It couldn’t be simpler! So give it a listen and please give us some feedback however good or bad, we want to make it as good as we possibly can so you enjoy it as much as we do. Email us, Tweet us or Facebook us your feedback!

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

Up the banter!

The team.

Greece’s austerity measures overwhelmed by Merkel’s men

June 26, 2012 in Euro 2012, International

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In the ‘financial derby’ of this year’s Euro 2012 competition, there was only going to be one outcome. But little did we know that it would turn out to be a six-goal thriller, and ironically, worth more money than Greece is currently worth.

Germany beat Greece 4-2 in the second of the Euro 2012 quarter-finals, and whilst the Germans showed their attacking power even with their second string attacking line-up, Greece put up a fight. Shame that they put up a fight when it was completely too late.

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Germany and Portugal put Danes and Dutch to the sword

June 18, 2012 in Euro 2012, International

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Yesterday’s results saw Germany and Portugal enter the last eight of the competition along with the Czech Republic and Greece, after a riveting end to arguably the most exciting group of the tournament.Predictions were made before the two decisive Group B games, and after such a poor start by the competition’s third-favourites Holland, and with Denmark needing a win against hot favourites Germany, it was widely expected that Portugal would go through along with Germany. But this is football, and as proved on Saturday night with Russia crashing out, anything can happen. At the end of the first 45 minutes, it was still possible and not stupid to suggest that Portugal and Denmark would be the teams to advance.