Ballsy Banter Roll of Honour 2012: Villain of the Year

December 20, 2012 in Awards

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We are well and truly into panto season, and today’s category in the Roll of Honour looks at the ‘Villains of the Year’ - those that have raised the ire of the footballing world. Be it through poor judgement or moments of madness, these people have made the footballing landscape an unpleasant place to be.

So let’s see who we’ve picked as our ‘Villain Of The Year’….

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The Wear-Tyne derby: don’t you wish it was over?

October 17, 2012 in Premier League

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This has been a week full of tension, paranoia and disappointment. Not only have we had to wait an extra day to see if England are really as bad as everyone thinks they are, but the shocking abuse received during the England under-21 game away against Serbia has pushed into all the newspapers headlines, ahead of information on the Wear-Tyne derby.

Of course, it does so quite rightly; the chaos that occurred in Krusevac following the England goal should not be taken lightly by anyone, especially not by FIFA, and I hope firm action is taken to stop this from ever happening again. Nor should we take lightly the Polish FA’s failure to close the roof on the Warsaw stadium, the hour and five minutes fans were left waiting in that rain for the match to be officially postponed, or the huge amount of money some fans will have stumped up to go and support their teams, and then watch as the referee had the majority of the ball.

But having said that, it is bloody annoying that I’m having to wait for these fixtures to be out of the way before we can get to what I see as the most important game in the calendar year. Yes, every year, it dawns upon me about a week before that the Magpies are coming to the Stadium of Light. I realise that it is our one must-win game of the season and I want some news about it, I want someone to tell me that “yes, we also care!” But also, I just want it to be over. This international break has made that process incredibly frustrating.

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Footballers and Twitter is just a recipe for disaster

October 8, 2012 in Premier League

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Disinterested, bored and tired: the three words I would use to describe myself when the breaking news football story pops up on my screen involving a footballer and yet another social networking site blunder. This weekend hosted 46 English league games from the top four divisions, with only five resulting in a 0-0 score line. Yet I wake up this morning and have a look on the BBC Football page to have a read of the latest news in the world of football, and to my non-amazement, Ashley Cole’s 11-word twitter outburst has cemented a place within the top three headlines, which is also a familiar view on many other football reporting sites.

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Ladies’ Football: The Oh-So-Beautiful Game

August 1, 2012 in Features, International, Olympics

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For 50 years up until 1971, women’s football had been banned by the FA. Deemed a rival to the men’s game, it was decided that ladies should not be allowed to compete on the grounds of FA member clubs. The game, which had been flourishing up until the ban came in, faced its first major setback in terms of progress, and as we now see, in the way the general public still perceive the sport.

My first taste of a live women’s football match came in 2010. Arsenal Ladies were playing in Watford; I arrived with an open mind and the £1 entrance fee in my wallet. An incredible value for the level of football on display, but yet, there were less then 100 people in the stadium. Read the rest of this entry →

Assessing the new technique for developing technique

May 29, 2012 in International

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FA shareholders yesterday voted in new youth development proposals which will see 5v5 football for under 7’s and 8’s, 7v7 for under 9’s and 10’s and a 9v9 format for under 11’s and 12’s. The changes will be phased in by the 2014-15 season.

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