Trailblazing since 2010 - Following the Venky’s Blackburn Blueprint

July 24, 2012 in Championship, Premier League, Transfers

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As far as football takeovers go, the 2010 acquisition of Blackburn Rovers by Venky’s will surely go down as a failure. The Indian poultry family, who were unaware of the relegation rule in the Premier League, oversaw the demise of the East Lancashire side in May 2012, as Rovers dropped down into the Championship. From their base in India, they have theorised different ways of getting their club fighting for Champions League spots, but key decisions have gone against them. The sacking of Sam Allardyce, the appointment and continued support of ‘positive-thinker’ Steve Kean and the decision to allow chairman John Williams to step-down, have all backfired on the proud family club and their long suffering fans.

The Venky’s blueprint has seen a staggering amount of wrong turns being made by the former Premiership champions, but could it actually be copied by another English side? You’d think that the Venky’s approach would have been disregarded as a failure a long time ago, but could another family run club be taking tips from Anuradha Desai and co?

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