1. The Ugly Game

    By Aman Pathiara

    With Liverpool’s Luis Suarez receiving an eight-match ban for his conduct against Patrice Evra, a reasonable amount of fans have taken to the internet to express that such a ban is too harsh. Others accuse the FA of overdoing their anti-racism stance, while others have claimed that the racism issue is being given an undeserved level of importance. I don’t believe that Suarez is a racist, but his ban has served to highlight a much bigger issue in football today.

    Ex-footballer Stan Collymore has collated a select number of tweets aiming abuse at Evra in the aftermath of Suarez’s sentence, and words cannot express the sheer level of vitriol that appears to have summoned by fans just because a player of theirs lost out in a dispute, which frankly, he was always going to lose. Above all, it’s hard not to fear for the game, when fans are willing to put their morals aside to this extent to attack a rival player. We scoffed at the prospect of a racist footballing climate in Russia welcoming the world in 2018, but from this evidence, we aren’t any better.

    The ever-increasing tribalism in our game is seriously getting out of hand. The English game has worked hard to improve its reputation since the hooligan days of the 80s, and nowadays, we are more concerned about rival fan attacks in other countries, but these images suggest that there is still much work to be done. Something needs to be done about the fools who care more about damaging other teams rather than the success of their own team. Let’s keep football a game, and not a war.