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Every week, the team will be getting into the studio to talk about the latest developments in the footballing world.

You’ll be able to listen to and watch the latest podcast here every fortnight or get either version straight to your iTunes or Youtube respectively.


  • Join the two Matts as Mr. Deller and Mr. Harrison attempt to dissect the weekends football. They gawp at Leicester City vs Manchester United, gasp at Arsenal vs Aston Villa, struggle to stay awake during Manchester City vs Chelsea, and celebrate the departure of a certain manager from West London. They also look at the other big games in Premier League, Championship and Europe. They also say we told you so a lot and bring up Taylor Swift too many times for a football podcast. Fairly certain the two won’t be left on their own again…

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  • Join Matty, Emma, Matt Harrison and his chicken kiev as we feast on the last weekends footballing action. We salivate over Manchester United and Diego Costa’s respective performance, take a bite out of Leicester’s impressive start to the season and gorge on a mental weak in Serie A. I’ll stop the food references now. Matt also finds the English translation to the Champions League theme. It’s a happening you have to hear to comprehend.

    We also reveal our next big event and the first lot of prizes to be given away! Exciting.

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  • Matty, Jamie and Emma look back at some of the International Break. They talk about how the Home Nations fared, some of our favourite results in the other Euro 2016 qualifiers and Matty finally snaps regarding England. You won’t wanna miss that.

    They also get hyper about a league of legends (not the game) coming to India, Zlatan being Zlatan and loads of other guff.

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  • Matty, Emma and Matt Harrison discuss all things transfer window and it all goes a bit weird quite quickly. We apologize in advance. We talk Falcao, El Clevz, Dat Guy Welbz, Hull City’s hot streak with signings and pretty much everything thats wrong with a certain channels coverage of the day itself. We do get round to the Premier League eventually too, and the return of Neil Warnock otherwise known as….

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  • Join George, Lizzi and Manish as they discuss the opening weekend games from the Premier League, including what’s going on at Manchester United,  Leicester City’s fightback against Everton, Tottenham’s dramatic win over West Ham, and much more.
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  • Join George, Lizzi and Emma as they preview the top 20 teams in England’s top flight. Listen as they give you a TOTALLY UNBIASED (Not that unbiased) view on who’s lifting the trophy, who will be saying their goodbyes come May and who will be milling about those tasty, tasty European places. We’re nearly there people.
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  • Join Matty, Matt Harrison and Emma as they are BACK with the first of this seasons podcast, previewing the Football League that starts this coming weekend. They go from the top of the Championship down to League 2 as they go through who’s going up, who’s going down and who’s making all the headlines between the 72 team that make up those three divisions.

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  • Join Matty, Lizzi and Emma as they look at the biggie, the World Cup Final. We look back and how the best team won over the supposed best player, the dynasty that might be in Deutschland and seemingly also manage to offend countries, pop stars and everything in between. We also talk about our best things of the tournament, the 3rd place play-off and Matty sings us out of Rio with a loving tribute to the song of the tournament - magical.

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  • Join Matty, Matt Harrison and Farhat as we look back at the World Cup semi-finals. We discuss whatever that semi-final between Brazil and Germany was, look at why Louis Van Gaal’s big balls might have cost him the showpiece final, our ideas for how the final weekend in Brazil will pan out and our undying love for Tim Vickery. It’s more fun than ripping up a Brazilian flag with your teeth.

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  • Join Matty and Farhat as they look back at the World Cup Quarter Finals. They talk about the tactical issues that lead to Belgium’s downfall, how Matty’s Year 3 class will learn from the mistakes of Tim Krul and why Louis Van Gaal has massive balls….metaphorically speaking, allegedly.

    For several spurts of World Cup ludicrousocity, follow us on twitter @ballsybanter!

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