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Ballsy Banter is a football based blog that gives aspiring and talented football writers a platform to write their piece. Here's the team behind the screen!


 Co-Founder Of The Podcast; Partridge-esque in his opinion, Fulham fan.. Fan of Kaca (The Fulham kind), Falcao, Hernanes, anyone with a fun name who can kick a ball really. 

Fellow co-founder. Man Utd till I die, and an England fan. Though from Zimbabwe. If they had a team that did anything, I would support them.

I'm Aman, online editor of Ballsy Banter, and football writer extraordinaire. Die-hard Manchester United fan, and will happily explain why they are better than [insert club here].

Wannabe writer, on the podcast and supporter of the best team in the land and all the world... Man City, of course!


Enjoys sarcasm, food and Steven Gerrard, Dislikes anything that isn't sarcasm, food and Steven Gerrard.

Tottenham, England and Ghana fan. Obsessive about tactics and hatred of "That Man". Wanted to be Sol Campbell as a kid, but that didn't pan out.

World renowned, rear of the year winner, free kick specialist. These are all things I am not, Sunderland fan, blogger are. I also am apparently not great at using commas.


Dan, 22, from London. Supported NUFC for 18 years now, so expect some great articles about the Geordie faithful from me :)

Lizzi, 22, Reading Uni. Fanatical Arsenal fan, fair-weather Reading fan, an England fan with a weird fixation with the Dutch football team est World Cup ’98. Dubious honour of being Ballsy Banter’s first female writer and podcaster.

Evertonian and disillusioned husk of a football fan. Full-time Zlatan enthusiast and semi-professional Rabona specialist. If my views weren't my own they wouldn't be my views.


No relation to Olivier Kapo. I’m from London, so like all real Londoners – I’m a Man United fan. Usain Bolt is my cousin.

Ballsy Banter's resident tactical analyst, and avid Fulham fan.


Font of wisdom on the lower English Leagues and fan of home town club, Huddersfield Town. Still mad about us selling Marcus Stewart to Ipswich. Love a good attacking midfielder.

Youngest blogger and Brighton & Hove Albion season ticket holder.



Avid follower of the beautiful game and believer in youth and loyalty. Love a good ol' regista. Tom Cleverley and Lewis Holtby are top class. Views are my own and mostly hypocritical.

MUFC. Part-time writer, full-time transfer muppet. Scholes, Nedved, C. Ronaldo is my triforce. I like biscuits.

Devoted Gooner since the glorious JVC days. Highly-rated five/eight-a-side goalie. Part-time BB writer and tweeter. Try me.






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