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On a bizarre day for football, considering it was also the night THAT semi-final happened, eyebrows were raised early when Ross McCormack signed for recently relegated Fulham from Leeds. The fee is to be believed at £11 million (although the official amount is undisclosed). This lead to many memes stating how ridiculous this amount it is, and the reignition of the debate of British players being overpriced. However many Fulham fans, including myself, are ignoring the price, as it’s an anomaly in a situation with more good things than bad. The fee is over the top, but it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds; and here are the reasons why.

1. This fee is a statement of intent by Shahid Khan

Since his purchase of the club at the start of last season, his tenure has been a unmitigated disaster. Several managers and relegation at what seemed an unsinkable club wasn’t the debut he was looking for being at the helm of a Premier League club. What’s the first thing any good chairman does at the sign of a crisis? Open up the wallet. He did so at first with Kostas Mitroglou, and that didn’t really go to plan, but this time, he wanted to get a man that can fire a team into the Premier League, and who better than last season’s top goal scorer in that league? Magath wanted him, Leeds owner Massimo Cellino told Khan the fee, and he has shown ‘I will do ANYTHING to get us back in the Premier League', and this is a bold statement to make for the sceptical fans and the media following his chequered first season. The age old adage comes to mind; ya gotta spend money to make money.

2. No Fulham fan expects him to fulfil that price tag.

Don’t get me wrong; paying ALLEGEDLY £11m for a Championship striker is ridiculous, and most Fulham fans agree. Any fan that sees that huge price tag and is expecting a world class striker to rock up is delusional. He’s good - matter of fact, he’s great - and he will most certainly do a job. I imagine (and hope) Ross will ignore this price tag and continue his superb form from last season. If he can bag 15-20 goals next season like any good Championship goal getter, and secure us a play-off berth, I am happy. He’s 28 years old so we’re getting him near his peak too, so Fulham fans are hoping for him to end our woes in front of goal. But I hope no one is thinking we’ve bought a Sturridge or a Lukaku because of the price. Look at the player we’ve got to lead the line, not at the currency following his name.

3. No one actually knows the actual fee, it’s all speculation

I cannot find one article that states that we have actually paid £11m for Ross McCormack. Every article you read leads with ‘McCormack signs for £11m’, but once you actually read on, it says ‘undisclosed fee believed to be £11m’. A far realistic amount is probably around about £9.5m with some fees banded about, which is still probably fair if you compare it to the £8m Blackburn paid Huddersfield Town for Jordan Rhodes. Everyone comparing it to Sturridge are making a joke based off a fee that someone has guessed. So let’s not point fingers just yet, if we don’t have all the facts.

4. I'd pay £100m for Emile Heskey rather than have Darren Bent again.

Seriously, he is god awful. Just god awful.

Fulham are in a process of rebuilding, and to have a player of his Championship calibre to join our ranks is a fantastic coup. For me, this bumps our chances of promotion next season from not likely, to likely, and with Magath surrounding himself with young Bundesliga talent, and the signings of Messrs Shaun Richardson and Adam Taggart – he and Khan are prepared to get out of this league at the first time of asking, whatever the cost.


-6 #8 FulhamSW6 2014-07-11 14:48
Quoting Tony power:
Ross has gone to a tiny club for a ridiculous amount of money. He's had his best season. Now he's left leeds he will be forgotten along with many other footballers . He will look back and regret leaving leeds for a tinpot club. Let's take a look 3 years from now ! ;-)

Leeds, the forever sleeping giants who are having the worlds longest lay in... Get real you've you've been a tin pot club for years now, and still will be in years to come.
-1 #7 BarndoorBilly 2014-07-11 14:46
Ross is worth every penny of the £11million if it gets Fulham to the PL. Suarez is sold at £75 so Barca must think he's worth the outlay! Gold scoring is an art and good ones are rare!
Thanks for everything, Ross.
0 #6 Tony power 2014-07-11 14:16
Ross has gone to a tiny club for a ridiculous amount of money. He's had his best season. Now he's left leeds he will be forgotten along with many other footballers . He will look back and regret leaving leeds for a tinpot club. Let's take a look 3 years from now ! ;-)
+1 #5 ste 2014-07-11 13:39
ross mccormack is a great championship player whos goals kept leeds from getting relegated last season. it also took him a season or two for leeds to start seeing the best of him so dont expect too much straight away. thanks for all the memories rossco i just hope you have an off day when your back at elland road.
-3 #4 FulhamSW6 2014-07-11 13:06
Some very bitter Leeds fans out there right now. The fee was 6.5 million upfront (reasonable) with the rest made up of incentives. Like above, these consist of promotion, then getting into Europe etc, which, even as a Fulham fan, ain't happening for a long time, so we will not end up paying anywhere near the reported 11million. If anything, this figure was plucked out the air by Cellino and dangled infront of the media to cover his own backside after telling fans McCormack wasn't leaving.
+7 #3 Col 2014-07-11 12:47
It sounds like you're trying to justify his price tag with garbage and you're a bit embarrassed by it. If he gets you promoted with his goals then that will be his price tag justified.
-3 #2 Mary F 2014-07-11 12:23
The actual fee was £6.5 million with the rest incentives one of which is you getting into Europe within 2 years (so very unlikely you will have to pay that). That fee is fair and he is a very good player who will no doubt score and create enough goals to get you straight back up. He was well loved by the more intelligent of LUFC fans, and he will be missed.
+9 #1 carl 2014-07-11 12:16
sorry to disappoint you but carnt see him doing anything near the 29 goals , you have paid double what he is worth , and if you don't go up next season then expect him to be asking for transfer or wage increase .

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