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It's one of the pillars of our very existence. We keep and spend it with equal vigour. It's something we all claim we need more of but when we have it, it is inevitably squandered. It's fleeting; difficult to grasp to the point of intangibility, but when you do hold onto a moment, it can be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

It's also something Maurcio Pochettino needs in spades.

The former Southampton manager was announced as the new Tottenham boss this week on a five-year deal. If he gets every single minute of that contract, things could be beautiful. He would have all the time to translate his philosophy on a squad that seems like it lacked footballing identity in the second half of last season (THANK YOU, TIM SHERWOOD); the high-pressing, attacking football White Hart Lane demands. He's a manager on the rise who both believes in youth and prides himself on improving players: imagine a Spurs first XI with the likes of Bentaleb, Kane and Carroll forming the spine, with our defence finally ironing out suicidal defensive errors? Pochettino could even work out how to get Soldaldo scoring and Lamela... well, playing again.

Erik Lamela in a rare outing for Spurs.

Heck, with the five-year plan outlined, it could convince the likes of Lloris and Vertonghen to stay (not Paulinho, though: he can bugger off). And yes, his record in the transfer market is iffy, but so is ours! Things will improve. With time.

If all of this was guaranteed, I could look forward to the middle of August knowing the revolution had begun: with a few signings in key positions (centre-back, full-back, centre-forward we can trust. And Lallana, if he really wants), we'd start the season forgetting the past and looking to the future while enjoying the present like the gift it truly is.

But it isn't. Guaranteed, I mean.

Because the last few years have me convinced that he'll be gone so quickly, he'll look as bewildered as he does in his first official club photo.

The first photo of the new Tottenham manager.

For Daniel Levy and ENIC, time is a commodity not to be blown on things like stability or patience. And they are desperate to get back to that hallowed tournament with its own theme song, great prestige and dodgy energy sponsor. So I won't get too attached to the new man in charge. His time may be now, but it is already running out; I give him two years tops. It's up to him to prove me wrong.

After all, doing anything else would be a waste of time.


0 #2 Matt 2014-06-02 15:05
Quoting Robert:
I totally agree as HR got us 4th twice and in the CL and he has gone :cry:
Its not funny as he was never given any backup and brought players in like Bale, yet our supporters where still unhappy 8)
Now we have another AVB but hope it works out, but think I also give him 18 months :lol:

GARBAGE - Redknapp did not buy Bale - he tried to sell him for 8 mill. He didn't get a regular place until Benoit A.E got injured.
0 #1 AlphaT 2014-06-01 19:17
A bit like holding onto one trophy in 9 years

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