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Racism, affairs and misconduct; three words which I would use to describe John Terry’s footballing career. Whilst he’s been a solid and loyal servant for Chelsea, only leaving the club once to play at Nottingham Forest on loan, his career hasn’t exactly been as pretty as a Picasso painting. However, last night we witnessed him and fellow Englishman Gary Cahill shut out Manchester City – Europe’s top scoring side – in a 1-0 win for Jose’s Blues at the Etihad. It begs the question, should John Terry be amongst the contenders for England’s World Cup squad despite all the controversy that would undoubtedly surround his return to the England fold?

Chelsea have the best defence in Premier League, conceding just 20 goals in 24 games, in which Terry has started and finished every one of these fixtures. He’s Mourinho’s favourite and is the heart of the Blues’ defence. If Chelsea go onto win the Premier League come May, it will be hard to argue against Terry going to Brazil. Gary Cahill is also vital to Mourinho’s back four, and is also a common feature of the England defence; how can you not take both sides of the centre back pairing that won the Premier League? In footballing terms, it’s a no brainer. He’s highly experienced, a leader and gives his all for England (YouTube his diving header v Germany 2010 if you don’t believe me). He’s also a goal threat, something which is also handy, especially considering England’s dismal recent in recent tournaments at putting the ball in the net; he’s scored 57 goals in 610 Chelsea games, which isn’t a bad return at all for a central defender.

The only thing that would block his entry back into the England camp is the amount of controversy that would surround his return. Newspapers, social networking sites and every other media outlet will just go crazy for weeks on end – something which really isn’t ideal when preparing for a major tournament. Then there’s the argument that Phil Jagielka is technically a better player; he’s younger and quicker, and some would also say Terry has already had his chance. Whilst it would also be stupid not to take Jagielka based on his impressive season so far with Everton, he lacks real top level football experience such as the Champions League and isn’t in with a serious shout of winning the Premier League, unlike Terry. Along with Cahill and Jagielka, who else makes the squad for the World Cup? Joleon Lescott, maybe, but the next candidates of Phil Jones and Chris Smalling just fill me with despair – Terry has to go.

He isn’t the most likeable person and I’m not the most fond of him either, but based on footballing talent alone and achievements in the sport, it really is hard to overlook him, especially when we aren’t exactly blessed with talent.

At the end of day, at least we’d have someone to blame it on if it all went wrong.



+1 #2 DIVINE 2014-02-04 20:34
0 #1 KoKoKachu 2014-02-04 17:25
He is the best English Defender but if he rejoins the NT there will be more action outside the pitch then inside it.
its just like Baloteli City didn't want to let him go but.....

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