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Watching yesterday's 5-1 thrashing at the hands of Manchester City was like being caught in the driving rain that persisted throughout: not unexpected but completely unwelcome. But there were positives: numerous ones, in fact. More than I could actually fit into this article, even!

I'm not grasping at straws, I swear.

  1. Our overall performance
    Yeah, we got utterly sat on. But this was one of the greatest attacking teams this league has ever seen, and considering that, what we put out wasn't bad. We did our best to keep them at bay and just kept coming at them (with predictable results). The one thing I've always said Tim Sherwood has had over Andre Villas-Boas is the ability to man manage, and yesterday showed that in spades: two months ago, we would've rolled over and presented ourselves. Two months ago, we did roll over and present ourselves. This time, everyone tried their utmost trying to scale a team that proved insurmountable, even scoring a disallowed equaliser (the parallels to the Newcastle game end here), and that's all you can ask for, isn't it? The personnel aren't different, so you've got to attribute that to the one major change there's been and that's down to Sherwood.

    Not showing the team the previous loss, though? That was dumb.

  2. Danny Rose
    This season, Danny Rose has either struck me as half-fit, out of his depth, or an unfortunate combination of the two (Arsenal in the FA Cup, anyone)? But yesterday, he was legitimately our best player and showed the heights we've all hoped he could hit since he returned from Sunderland. Navas couldn't quite get the edge over him alone; he coped when City tried to overload him and he was our most potent threat from wide positions (probably more of a slight against Lennon and Sigurdsson, but I'm trying to be upbeat here). He even managed a last-ditch, goal-saving tackle that changed the complexion of the game!


  3. Edin Dzeko

    I know he scored and won the penalty, but the ball ricocheted off him into an empty net after a reaction save. Darren Bent would be hard-pressed to miss that.

    The rest of his game was reduced to blasting shots wide and high, and commiting niggly fouls against Kyle Walker, for some reason (he'd have been better served going directly against Michael “can't outpace a paralytic amputee” Dawson anyway). With Aguero out injured, City are going to be relying on him for crunch ties against the likes of Chelsea and Barcelona. Should go well if he plays like that.

  4. That Save

    When it was 1-0, and I still had hope.

  5. Irony

    One of our coaches comes out and says Claude Makelele is the worst thing that's happened to the Premier League (SACRILEGE) and that the rest of the staff don't really believe in them. He also drops Etienne Capoue, the one pure player in the squad of this ilk, for the 19 year-old Nabil Bentaleb (who was OK yesterday but really needs to work on his decision-making) and tells him that he's free to go, but not before he comes on at half-time to shore things up a bit.

    Tim Sherwood's either a genius, a hypocrite, a complete and utter bellend or some combination of the three. Roll on Hull, the return of a fro-less Huddlestone and our attempt at picking up the pieces.


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0 #4 chris boyd waters 2014-01-31 13:03
Great players are up to taking 'roaming' positions as did Bale last year, but only the elite can do that to the team's benefit, or be given the freedom to do it, and all the money spent shoring up this strong but still lacking squad still finds us playing (in the PL) players who aren't up to it, and attempts to fit square pegs into round holes. Ridiculous! How can we overhaul Liverpool and keep our noses ahead of United with that arrangement? We've been (rotten luck, terrible judgement and wasted opportunities aside) a CL team in all but actuality and name over the past 3 seasons, but losing two GREAT players and replacing them with good, promising or mediocre ones has finally caught up with us, The promised land that was finally to be spotted this season after 3 seasons of heartbreak has turned out to be a cruel mirage ..and we have now sunk back into being a genuinely 'non-top four' club!
0 #3 chris boyd waters 2014-01-31 13:02
Utility players, players still not ready, or players played out of position. That's Tottenham's problem ..we don't have masters of their craft in EVERY position eg left wing (or proper back-up for certain positions left back). Sig, Holtby and Chadli fall into the former category. Bentaleb and Lamela (yes, the latter who looks no better than a youth team player, yet cost us £30m!!) fall into the second category, while Naughton and the great Verts fall into the third category whenever Rose goes injured/suspend ed.
0 #2 Jack 2014-01-31 12:43
Dzeko has 7 goals in his last 6 games. Did you mean Soldado?
0 #1 Dan 2014-01-31 12:09
If Cap has an attitude problem then he has to be afforded an opportunity by TS to sort himself out BEFORE any premature decision is made to transfer him out of the club. Of course Im the holder of imperfect and incomplete knowledge but from the little I have seen of the man hes a superb player and has a lot to offer Spurs.




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