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We’re always looking for new, exciting writers to expand the range of articles and add quality to Ballsy Banter. So if you have a particular interest in one part of the beautiful game, or you just the love the game and want to write for us, email!

3 thoughts on “Join us!

  1. Hi

    Good to see another podcast out there that isn,t full of arsehole based opinions.

    I write for a couple of websites to varying success and opinion and have blog at

    its mainly about South American football and Ecuadorian Seria match reports and round ups.

    I,m over here teaching English and escaping real life in Scotland

    have a look

    I’d love to help your website/blog/podcast if i could

    keep up the good work



    • Thanks for the kind words. Nice site, covering a footballing area we are not covering just yet, but when we expand to it, I will be very happy to get in touch to have you involved. Thank you for joining our Facebook group too, make sure to stay in touch with us. Best of luck with your site too.


  2. Luke Wilcox says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve started writing recently for my site( and have also had articles published on and
    I was wondering if you currently needed any new writers and if so what subject/league would they need to write about?

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