Fantasy Football

Pit your wits against the hosts, the bloggers and your fellow readers in our Euro 2012 Fantasy Football League!

This is the section where we will put all of our knowledge on the line, as we battle each other in the Ballsy Banter Fantasy Football league. The first league will be a Euro 2012 special, and we will post updates here.

We have chosen as our official Fantasy League host, and we are taking on all challengers! Weve chosen this particular site due to its relative stringency; no-one wants a league where everyones got Van Persie up front, right?

If you would like to join the league, use the Code: 184849-43139

As we approach the end of Euro 2012, just before the final, here is how the league currently stands:

One thought on “Fantasy Football

  1. Ben Said Scott says:

    So gutted, that 13 points Mandzukic would of got me would of had me Second. Instead I put my faith in McClean. For this there is no forgiveness!

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