Newcastle's resurgence - is Alan Pardew safe?

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Football has seen some shocking turnarounds in its history - Wigan staying in the league after so many near misses, Arsenal falling apart last season, Liverpool yo-yoing between mid table mediocrity and nearly winning the title are just a few examples. Right up there, though, is what has happened during 2014, and most importantly, the last month or so.

Arsene Wenger's "tactics" are keeping Arsenal away from success

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It's easy to question whether Arsene Wenger has ever put his thoughts towards tactics when games like Swansea and Anderlecht occur.

Game after game questions arise over what the Gunners could, and should, have done better to make the outcome different. Even if the team manages to win. Those issues have been highlighted recently and have played a major role in why Arsenal have failed so spectacularly in games big and small during the last few seasons.

Southampton: the Saints keep marching on despite massive changes

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Southampton FC were probably no-one's bet to be chasing league leaders Chelsea at this point of this season, and yet there they are, two points clear of champions Manchester City and four points shy of The Quietest Club in LondonTM.

It all began in January with the departure of Nicola Cortese in Kafkaesque circumstances, which was followed by a shopping spree on the south coast; the loss of manager Mauricio Pochettino to Tottenham, followed by the swift exits of Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren to Liverpool; Calum Chambers sauntered off to Arsenal and Luke Shaw swaggered up to Manchester. Things weren’t looking too rosy on the shores of the Solent.

Don't Get Out the Pitchforks for Van Gaal Just Yet

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Two Manchester United teams, 10 Premier League games, two new managers and interesting results.

At first glance, you would be forgiven for mistaking the records of the Red Devils' last two managers, David Moyes and Louis van Gaal, in their first 10 Premier League games. One stands at three wins, four draws and three losses while the other has five wins, two draws and three losses. No, the first one isn't Moyes, despite all the battering he's received for the club's performance during his time there.

Manchester City fail in the Champions League yet again

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There was a phrase bandied about the Manchester City fans, players and Twitter accounts in Manchester City's first couple of years in the Champions League - “On our day, we can beat anyone.” This phrase is uttered with less regularity now, and only by the most stoutest believers as time has proven it to be incorrect. Manchester City can't beat anyone. In fact, in 24 Champions League games, they have yet to register a win against a side one would consider equal or better than them in a competitive fixture; a couple of dead rubber wins against Bayern Munich the highest highs of Manchester City's Champions League journey.

African players remark lands Bordeaux boss Willy Sagnol in hot water

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Just when it looked as if Willy Sagnol was on the right track in terms of providing Girondins de Bordeaux with a vintage season on the pitch - his side currently sitting in fourth place, three points behind second-placed Paris Saint Germain - an off-the-cuff remark to a regional newspaper has threatened to derail his managerial career, and has created a racism storm across French football as a whole.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool Reserves: A Retrospective

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I never thought I’d ever write a hook for an article about blue balls, but here we are. Thanks, Brendan.

After the anticipation of the lead-up to the game, his team selection left me cold. And yes, the end of the game suggested something might happen, but ultimately the game ended without the climax we all desired. Such a tease.

The State of Spurs

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Another season, another new manager another poor run of form, another Spursy performance against another team in the bottom half of the table, and another loss at home. It’s all so last season, it’s oh-so-Tottenham-Hotspur. In the last three years, the team have had to adapt to the different footballing philosophies of the three different managers; from Luís André de Pina Cabral e Villas-Boas (yep), to Tim Sherwood, to Mauricio Pochettino. Each manager is a proponent of a different style of football, and the learning curve attached to each philosophy would affect performances for a long time.