Season Preview 2013-14: Manchester City

August 14, 2013 in Premier League, Team Previews

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What a difference a year makes. Manchester City’s summer has contrasted from last year’s in almost every way. Sober as opposed to drunk off of last minute glory, the club have acted purposefully and quickly in this transfer window securing a new manager and four signings to boot before their rivals even settled into the starting blocks.

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Scouting Report: Thiago Alcantara

June 24, 2013 in La Liga, Premier League, Transfers

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If David Moyes can finalize a deal to sign Thiago Alcantara this week, he may never pull of a better signing at Manchester United. A bold claim, I will admit. Here’s why I think so;

Foremost is Thiago’s obvious talent. Regular followers of football will know all about Thiago and his rise to the Barcelona first team squad, the comparisons to Xavi, and match-winning performances in consecutive under-21 European Championships. In the final two years ago, Thiago scored a stunning goal from 40 yards. Last week, he scored a perfect hat-trick; header, left foot, right foot.

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Embracing The Football Off-Season

June 18, 2013 in Features

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I love football. I really love it, in fact, I am obsessed with it - but right now, I’m pretty glad there isn’t much of it knocking about. We have the Confederations Cup, which is nice to dip into, and the under-21 European Championships which I have enjoyed following - but it’s not real football. I’m not spending the days and weeks before the matches thinking them through, pondering on what line-up and tactics should be employed, planning my days around the football, nervously shuffling about before kick-off, desperately looking for a stream, moving to the front of my seat when the action gets underway, screaming/cursing with elation/frustration and then engaging in circular debates post-game…and everything else that comes with a game of football. For example, when Spain played Uruguay yesterday, I missed the first 10 minutes. In the remaining 35 minutes of the half, I went to the kitchen twice, bathroom once and to the train station to pick up my dad. It was such a laissez-faire approach to watching football, a steady heart-beat, and time for my belly, bowel and blood.


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Luis Suarez - Player of the Year

April 5, 2013 in Premier League

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As we approach the end of another season many  conversations will center around who did what best - goal of the season, team of the season, manager of the season and so forth. Of course the central end of season award and debate is that of the player of the season. It is then strange that the PFA decides that the voting for said award should take place less than 2/3 into the season, but perhaps it is not so strange after all considering most footballing bodies seem to be quite strange themselves.

Soccer - PFA Player of the Year Awards 2012 - Grosvenor House Hotel

The shortlist hasn’t yet been announced which is no problem because we all know that 3 players who will seriously contest for this years prize are; Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez and Robin van Persie. Guessing who the other 3  may itself be fun, I’m going to guess that the 3 names making up the list will be (note will be, not should be) Juan Mata, Wayne Rooney and Michu.

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Rio Ferdinand should have retired from England a long time ago - better late than never

March 22, 2013 in International

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As it was revealed that Rio Ferdinand has travelled to Qatar to work as a guest panelist for Al-Jazeera’s coverage of today’s England game, I asked myself once again: Why don’t you just retire? From international duty, that is. Rio Ferdinand is still a wonderful defender, and has been enjoying a wonderful run on form in recent weeks against top opposition. There is no doubt for me that Ferdinand is still England’s best defender and would be valuable for Roy Hodgson’s England.

Ferdinand England

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