Who Will Win the World Cup?

November 22, 2013 in International by Louis Baxter

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Now that the 32 qualifiers for the finals in Brazil next year are confirmed, speculation on who will win the last cool World Cup of our generation (before it heads to the oil nations for the subsequent eight years)  is already rampant. Thankfully I’m here to provide you with which nation is the best value for money to place your stake on. Take out your debit cards and let’s do this.



Best Odds: 3/1 - Betway

Favourites for no other reason than home advantage, Brazil represents a very poor bet for this World Cup. Their team, outside of Neymar and centre-back Thiago Silva, seems sorely lacking in top quality. Right now they remind me of the Germany team from 2006, a giant of the international game who’s hosting the tournament has unfortunately coincided with one of their lowest ebbs. I suppose you can hold the hope that Neymar conquers all before him, and they’d be a decent outside bet at something like 7/1, but for 3/1 odds steer clear.


Netherlands v Germany - Group B: UEFA EURO 2012

Best Odds: 11/2 - BetVictor

I don’t think there can be much dispute that Germany will be taking the strongest squad to the world Cup, a frighteningly young team with frightening amount of depth. Many speculate that this tournament will be the one this Germany comes of age and stakes its claim to dominate of the coming years. They should be favourites really, so 11/2 odds, or 5.5/1 for the lehman, represents a very good bet for the team going to the finals with the best squad. Working against them? A European team has never won a tournament hosted in the Americas, and their striking options are perhaps a touch below the rest of their team, picking between the unreliable Mario Gomez, the aged Miroslav Klose or the injured Lukas Podolski. This is perhaps where they could falter. The bet is good though.


Best odds: 6/1 - Bwin

Argentina are the best South American team right now, and for a tournament in South America that makes them a very good bet at 6/1. Messi is having a difficult season so far, but to secure undeniable GOAT (Greatest of all time) status, he needs to perform at the highest stage of the game, which would be the World Cup. If he goes into the World Cup with match fitness, then Argentina have a chance regardless. That’s forgetting his strike partner is Sergio Aguero, perhaps the third best player in the World on current form, and providing him chances from midfield will be Lavezzi and Angel De Maria. It’s safe to say Argentina’s attack looks blistering, but perhaps their defence is less impressive, not to mention they have the propensity to melt down when it most matters in recent years.


Best Odds: 13/2 - Betway

It seems somewhat hilarious that the team that is on a roll of three consecutive tournament wins and the holders of this trophy come into it only fourth favourites, but there you go. Truthfully I don’t disagree with this assessment. Scoring goals has  been a problem for Spain dating back all the way to Euro 2012, and the problem has got worse not better. Their striking options include Soldado, Torres, Negredo and Diego Costa, and none of these have really been able to stake a permanent claim. The pre-season favourite would have probably been Soldado, but his dreadful form at Spurs has made the spot up for grabs again. You can’t discount the World Champions, but it does seem that their style of play is gradually being figured out and it would be surprising to see them win this tournament with close to the same team that won the last.



Best Odds: 16/1

The hispter’s choice, Belgium represent a good outside bet at 16/1. Belgium have been a poor international side for god knows how long, and it seems all their good players have come along at once. Portugal and the Czech Republic both failed to capitalize on golden generations in the 90′s and 00′s, and now both look miles away from a trophy. So Belgium, unless they chance on getting another generation as good as this, really need to make this lot count. For me Euro 2016 would represent a better chance for them than these finals, but you never know. Keeping Kompany fit is a must for them though.


Best Odds: 22/1 - Youwin

For a team that completely annihilated the group stages, 22 to 1 looks like amazing value for the Dutch.  Perhaps the outside bet of choice, I would imagine bookmakers have their dreadful capitulation at the last Euros in mind when they assigned them these odds, but I would imagine this team to get to at least the quarters, so getting the same odds for them to win the World Cup as you can get for Spurs to win the Premier League looks mighty generous.

Further bets:

Columbia - 28/1 - Youwin - Good outside bet, lead by Falcao, Columbia have quality and could surprise a few people.

Italy - 23/1 - Betfair - Prandelli has this Italy team at more than a sum of its parts, but there are better outside bets.

England 28/1 - Youwin- LOL NO