Top Five Suave Managers

October 15, 2013 in Bundesliga, Championship, Funny Stuff, International, Premier League by George Curtis

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Football managers are judged on three things; style of play, success rate and dress sense. Needless to say, 90% of managers are floating round at the bottom of the barrel of hopelessness, each defined by their own lack of fashion sense, whether it be the Tony Pulis baseball cap or the Arsene Wenger overcoat.

But for a select few, Gok Wan would be raising a glass and toasting to that neatly pressed suit or beautifully paired cashmere jumper and trousers. Every football fan wishes they could be a manager, but what would you wear?

1. Pep Guardiola


Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola likes to mix it up a bit. Often spotted in a variety of outfits, Guardiola’s attire fluctuates depending on climate and occasion. Cooler evenings in Barcelona warranted a turtle-neck jumper and coat, whereas hotter nights demanded a short-sleeve shirt to aid with perspiration. Guardiola was also seen to don a full suit for occasions such as Champions League matches and big La Liga fixtures. Whatever he wears, Guardiola rocks like a Hollywood star on the red carpet. Marry up his stylish accouterments with his managerial prowess and you’ve got the perfect man for the job.

2. Andre Villas-Boas


Arguably the Premier League’s sleekest manager, Andre Villas-Boas has become something of an icon in England since taking the job at Chelsea in 2011. AVB, as he’s more commonly known, accompanies perfectly constructed hair with carefully managed facial shrubbery and a wardrobe that would make any 30-something man feel like Brad Pitt. AVB’s look is a classic rustic arrangement made all the much better by the fact that he’s a top manager.

3. Jose Mourinho


Jose Mourinho is widely recognised as the man responsible for AVB’s progression from apprentice to top dog, and it’s not only evident on the pitch but off it too. AVB’s style is very much in the mould of his fellow Portuguese, although with a few less grey hairs. The ‘silver fox’ has come to be one of the game’s most elaborate and lovable characters, and the way he struts his stuff on the sidelines plays no small part in that. Often seen with a scarf in tow, Mourinho is no fashion car crash.

4. Joachim Löw


Germany has produced a lot of cool things; the Bugatti Veyron, Michael Schumacher, Oktoberfest. Joachim Löw falls into that category with his silky look and impregnable charm. Whether it’s a jumper or scarf tied round his neck or a blazer - t-shirt combo, Löw pulls it off. A suit and tie also goes down a treat but try not to mistake him with Tom Cruise.

5. Eddie Howe


Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe has the honour of being the Football League’s best looking and best dressed manager. In a galaxy of tracksuit-happy, uninspiring gaffers, Howe has done the impossible in combining top garb with a fanciful personality. Howe’s continued success with Bournemouth means we’re not too far away from seeing Howe take to the touchline in the Premier League, giving us a closer look at those blue eyes. Dreamy.