Tottenham’s Tasty Transfer Treats

August 21, 2013 in Premier League, Transfers by Joseph Kingsley-Nyinah

So, I have a confession to make.

As of around… *checks watch* five days ago, I no longer give a f*ck about Gareth Bale’s drawn-out rendition of The Clash. I shrug about journalistic sources saying he’s sure to go without any kind of quote attached, images of a man arriving to do his job (STOP THE PRESSES) or the general murmuring of “How are they possibly going to replace him?â€?

I’ve probably been a bit blunt. Let me try this another way.

Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Imagine you have an luxury dessert: meringue and cake at its base, scoops of your favourite ice cream layered over that and then topped with every confection and sauce you’d prefer.

To me, the difference between having Bale in the current Tottenham squad is the difference between having and not having a cherry on top of that dessert.

And that’s before the rumour mill went crazy saying deals for Willian and Erik Lamela were being negotiated while Fabio Coentrao was being included in the bumper package Real Madrid have been forced into offered Levy. That’s the equivalent of lacing the aforementioned bit of afters with a bumper dose of crack.

The midfield has been shored up with the additions of Paulinho and Capoue, there’s cover for the wide areas in Chadli and the returning Townsend and Rose, and finally Spurs have the striker that they need/deserve (delete as per your preference) in Soldado. If we hadn’t sold Caulker to Cardiff for no apparent reason, I’d be completely happy.

Yes, the performance against Crystal Palace wasn’t as emphatic as some (including some of my fellow bloggers) were expecting, but 12 months ago, we’d have dropped points from that game. There needs to be time to gel – our confectionery masterpiece needs time to set, so to speak.

But while it does set, who is the footballing Willy Wonka we need to thank for the construction of such a tasty treat?

Why, Franco Baldini, new Director of Football and all round good guy.

Clearly I’ve gone too far in that direction, time to work my way back.

I can take or leave the cherry on top of my tricked-out ice-cream sundae. If Bale stays, Spurs will be stronger on paper. If he goes, I wish him the best of luck. I made my peace with the possibility of him leaving during my Luka fuelled meltdown last year. And I’m sure he can replicate his scintillating form in a team in a completely different country, not built around him and of the back of no pre-season.

Huh. Maybe it should be a sour grape topping that dessert.