Liverpool’s loss to WBA down to transfer failings?

February 12, 2013 in Premier League

So yesterday, Liverpool succumbed to a team who hadn’t won at all in 2013, and who also hadn’t won since beating rock bottom QPR back on Boxing Day.

So the question is, what happened? Liverpool were have something of a resurgence of late, managing some good results since the turn of the year, including a 2-2 draw with the reigning champions Manchester City, and some people had tipped them to finish in the top four. You know who you are… So why was luck not on their side last night? And what does this hold for the future? I believe Liverpool are still suffering from the reign of King Kenny, who pushed them into the purchases of Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing, because it seems that the north east of England hates Liverpool as much as Rafa Benitez hates Chelsea, and on top of that, Brendan Rodgers hasn’t made the most inspired buys of the season, really.

Let’s start off with Fabio Borini, who could be Brendan Rodgers’ favourite player. After being tutored by Rodgers at Chelsea and then Swansea, Rodgers bought Borini once again, this time from Roma, for a whopping ÂŁ10m. Now I’ll concede, Borini had an impressive record at Swansea and Roma, but paying ÂŁ10m for a player who is only 21 with no proven ability in the Premier League is a bit much. And let’s not forget the last two players they signed from Roma; the first was Alexander Doni, the goalkeeper who since 2011, played for Liverpool a huge total of four times and received a red card in one of those, and who had been superseded by none other than Brad Jones by the end of his tenure. And the other one… Oh yes, who could forget, wonder signing Alberto Aquilani. Rodgers, here is a tip you may want to consider. Learn from your predecessor’s mistakes.

Two signings from Roma, both flops, so what is the first course of action with your new job? Buy someone from Roma! Of course! Then there’s Joe Allen, solid but unspectacular, for ÂŁ15m. Seriously, why do chairmen even give managers this sort of money to throw around? Another is Oussama Assaidi, who has made little impact in this Liverpool squad to my reckoning. But, I’ll hand it to Rodgers, the signing of Daniel Sturridge was fairly inspired, and he has made a big impact on their last few games, but now he’s injured. And Coutinho was also signed in January and made his debut last night. Whether he will also be struck down with the Serie A curse that surrounds Liverpool or not, we’ll see. Maybe it’s just Roma…

So putting their awful transfers aside, and hopefully building anew since January, last night, Liverpool were unlucky. Ben Foster was absolutely inspired, and pulled off a few wonderful saves to keep West Brom in this game, and even though Luis Suarez is still a diving cheating (insert swear word here), Liverpool got a penalty, and karma sided with West Brom yet again. And karma went above and beyond last night, as I believe West Brom would have been happy with a point, but they pulled it out of the bag, and yeah, Liverpool got Lukaku’d. And with that, Liverpool have lost for the first time since they went 2-1 down to Manchester United at Old Trafford. Big drop in opposition, so should Liverpool be worried?

Personally, I don’t think they should. I mean, of course, this was a game Liverpool should have got something from, but Liverpool’s future fixtures are nothing to be too worried about. Not to the extent of them not getting many points, at least. I expect them to have problems with Spurs, but even that isn’t for another month. Most of the big clubs have played Liverpool already, and they’ve gone through their rough patch, and managed to pick up a couple of points from it as well. Plus they finish the season at home against QPR, so it’s almost a guaranteed big finish for them.

I don’t expect them to get into the Champions League-  possibly not Europe if I’m being honest - and I know for Liverpool fans, that won’t be good enough. Welcome to being recognised as a mid-table club. 2005 in Istanbul was a long time ago!

Anyway, that’s all from me, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoyed my article, and remember to follow me on Twitter, @drl_nufc, and the rest of the Ballsy Banter crew too! And unless North Korea decides to blow us all up within the next week, I’ll see you all then, arrivederci, as the people in Roma have said to the likes of Aquilani, Doni and Borini…