Ten red cards to make you cringe, laugh and ‘OOO’ out loud

January 25, 2013 in Funny Stuff

A bad tackle, dissent, violent conduct; they are all basic ways players find themselves on the receiving end of a red card. But with Eden Hazard kicking a ball boy and thus finding an entirely new way of earning an early shower, it’s time to have a look at some of the most brutal, hilarious, and ridiculous incidents that have seen players, and referees, brandished with a dreaded red. Enjoy!

1) Kevin Muscat was never one to shy away from a tackle, or from telling us exactly what he thought of it, as this clip from a Melbourne Cup game in Australia demonstrates

2) Adrian Bastia found himself on the receiving end of a sense of humour failure from the referee, who took a rather drastic approach to the Greek League player tripping up an invader.

3) If there’s one thing a player should never do, it’s snatch a yellow card from a referee’s grasp…

4) Belarusian referee Sergei Shmolik chose the wrong day to go to the pub. Amazingly, it took until the second half for him to be chaperoned off the pitch.

5) Pepe – presumably translated from Portuguese as ‘thug’.

6) Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer, not two of the most likeable chaps in football, as they can both testify about each other. Referee Barry Knight was forced to dismiss both Newcastle players after they became embroiled in a fight of their own.

7) Graham Poll, one of our finest referees, was chosen to referee in the World Cup in 2006. Needless to say, when he booked Croatian defender Josip Simunic three times before eventually sending him off, after the final whistle, Poll was never allowed to forget his moment of stupidity.

8) No one likes Mario Balotelli, that much is true. But Francesco Totti forgot that everybody was watching when he demonstrated exactly that.

9) There are many ways to injure a player, and many ways to get sent off. This player showed us all the art of innovation.

10) Paolo Di Canio always kept football entertaining, especially when he decided that it’d be funny to see what a referee would do if he got pushed in the chest. Oh, Graham Lodge…

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