Ballsy Banter Roll of Honour 2012: Villain of the Year

December 20, 2012 in Awards

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We are well and truly into panto season, and today’s category in the Roll of Honour looks at the ‘Villains of the Year’ - those that have raised the ire of the footballing world. Be it through poor judgement or moments of madness, these people have made the footballing landscape an unpleasant place to be.

So let’s see who we’ve picked as our ‘Villain Of The Year’….




Ben Said Scott 

Aaron Cawley - The Leeds’ fan’ who punched Chris Kirkland

What a douche. I mean it is one thing to run onto the pitch to celebrate with your fans. It’s another to jump about like a simian man-ape thing and then push a well-respected player to the ground, and then run off into the crowd smirking. Oh well, at least he got arrested and rightfully prosecuted - unlike John Terry.


Jonathan Holdstock 


Roman Abramovich

Easy decision here. It is quite clear that despite Roberto Di Matteo winning the Champions League and FA Cup, the Russian did not want to keep the Italian on past his interim role, but felt he had to based on his performance. So when Chelsea hit a sticky patch, he did not hesitate and sent the Chelsea legend packing, much to the outrage of the fans. He then hires a man that everyone at Stamford Bridge hates, Rafael Benitez. Whether he will reap rewards for his bravery remains to be seen, but it has made him a villain worthy of a superhero film.


Joseph Kingsley-Nyinah 

John Terry

The sign of a true villain is 1) he needs no introduction and 2) you love to hate him.

The sheer anticipation as we waited and waited and waited for John Terry’s uppance to come was almost unbearable, and that shriek of pain after his clash with Luis Suarez (another contender) was so cathartic, it says something about him. And me.


Dan Lloyd 

Luis Suarez

Again, this one picks itself. Controversy follows him wherever he goes, he dives, he moans, he spits racial slurs, he intentionally stopped Ghana from reaching the World Cup Semi Finals in 2010, and I know this is meant to be for this year, but the sight of him in delight as Ghana missed their penalty still haunts me to this day. I do not like this man, and I doubt anyone who does not support Liverpool likes him either. Villainous bastard.


Matty Deller 

Clint Dempsey

When it comes to picking a villain of 2012 in the uneasy climate of football, with racism and homophobia rampant, it would be immature to be trivial and personal about it.

Well, call me immature, as I’m picking ‘Deuce’.

For a man to go from being on the MLS scrapheap after knocking his coach out at New England to being saved by Fulham, only to turn around and say Fulham can’t match his ambitions, refusing to play and basically throwing a strop until he got his move makes him a bit of a massive bell in my eyes.

Don’t miss you at all anyways… nope, not one bit - liked Berbatov more anyway.


Aman Pathiara 

Chelsea Football Club

Is it possible for a team to piss me off more than Chelsea have? First, they as good as ruin Fernando Torres, who once upon a time used to be my favourite striker. Then, they sack Andre Villas-Boas for not having a quick positive impact, despite appointing him to oversee a long-term change. Then, they win the Champions League in a somewhat lucky fashion, but not even with the likeability of Liverpool’s 2005 triumph, before dispensing with the guy that took them there. Add to that the false accusations made against referee Mark Clattenburg; can you imagine what Clattenburg would have had to have gone through during those days? Chelsea, for me, have had a bad year in terms of looking credible, and so, they are comfortably my villains of the year.


Farhat Raza 

FA, UEFA, The powers that be in Football.

The people who give out punishments for racism in football, as racism came to the fore in football this past year. It didn’t re-emerge because it never went away. All that is by-the-by; what was most disappointing was that the FA and UEFA, and whoever else took such punitive action against it. In cases where hard evidence was provided and guilty verdicts were reached, the bans were tame. Joey Barton received a longer ban for regularly being a little shit than either Luis Suarez or John Terry did for using racist language. Porto were fined a pittance when their fans hurled racist abuse from the stands, and most recently the Serbian FA were fined less than Nicklas Bendtner was for revealing an unauthorized sponsor. Racism will never go away but football made an embarrassing attempt at clamping down on it this year - a shame for the entire sport.


Matt Harrison 


UEFA: Where do I start? Fining Nicklas Bendtner multiple times that what they fined Russia for their racist fans at the Euros. Russian fans behaving thuggishly again after their first fine and UEFA not doing anything. UEFA’s failure to come down hard on the Serbian FA for their disgraceful behaviour against England U21’s. Time and time again the powers that be do zero, zilch, squat, sweet FA when it comes to racism, thugs and idiots in the stands and on the pitch. They simply don’t have the balls to ban teams from competitions, force teams to play in empty stadiums or ban players for longer periods of time because they prefer having the money instead. Oh and John Terry is a close 2nd.


Manish Doolabh 

Spanish National Team

Yeah, odd choice I know. But, if you’re not a Spanish fan, they’re the team you hate to love and love to hate. They’ve successfully managed to make beautiful football boring. Even their third team would wipe the floor with most national first teams. No doubt one of the greatest teams ever, and achieved some incredible feats, including becoming the first ever team to retain the European trophy. But, on the rare occasion when you see them on the back foot, you can’t help but smile (on the inside at the very least).


Well - there is our list of villains for the past twelve months - did we miss anything in particular? Let us know! Don’t forget that we will be picking our overall winners in the ‘Ballsy D’or’ in the first Brand New Ballsy Banter podcast of 2013.