Best GIFs of the Season (So Far)

November 14, 2012 in Features

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Here at Ballsy Banter, we are all united by the love of certain things: football (OBVIOUSLY), ridiculousness and, to a much lesser extent, the GIF.

And with the season pretty much a third of the way through, and because I am always right*, I present to you the top GIFs that this wonderful season has gifted us with so far.

Eden Hazard vs. Manchester City

Oh, how we laughed when we all saw this. “£32million for a flair player who can’t even pull off a backheel!”, we all choked out through our mirth. And when Chelsea went on to lose the Community Shield to Manchester City, we were even more complacent.

Oh, how wrong we were.

Still, it’s a pretty funny moment. I’m sure there’s a pun to make here, but I can’t quite figure it out…


Lukaku vs. Carragher

Letting a pass run on ahead of you so you can gather momentum is not really a ground-breaking skill by itself. Neither is being so strong players bounce off you: Michael Essien has made a career out of it. Marry the two together, and you get this:

What makes it even better is the fact that it is Mr Liverpool himself on the receiving end of Drogba Jr’s moment, and the fact that the striker had him beat anyway and still bulldozed him over.

It’s a microcosm of the new generation rising above the older, and I love it.


Jose Mourinho vs. Manchester City

Yeah, I’ve used it in an article before, but this is still brilliant.

Is it because the game itself was a fantastic spectacle? Is it because he went that crazy over a mere group game? Is it because that you could see the stains on his knees in the aftermath without straining your eyes? I don’t know.

All I know is that this is a really classy way to commemorate that moment, yo. In it goes.


Fan evades steward in Poland

In the utterly ridiculous night of international football that saw England’s match with Poland literally washed out, one man decided that he was going to provide some entertainment to the thousands that had turned up to see the qualifier.

Of course, running onto the field of play is frowned upon, even if there’s nothing happening on it, and stewards moved to address the problem. The resulting chase gave us this:

As one of my colleagues said, flawless victory.


Arsenal fan leaves too early

Someone once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Doesn’t that sound like the life of a fan? Optimism punctuated by moments of delirious joy or bitter disappointment. This guy clearly couldn’t take the latter.

Can you blame the guy? 4-0 down in less than 40 minutes, they weren’t coming back from…


P.S. The fan in question has proved that he was just leaving to grab a pint, but it’s still very funny.


Luis Suarez: Forever Alone

Luis Suarez isn’t my favourite person, so any moment when he’s shown up brings me great joy. Like this one.

The look on his face as he realises that his team-mates haven’t followed is pure joy to behold. One can only imagine the conversation in the dressing room afterwards:

“Hey, why didn’t you all come and celebrate the goal with me?”

“We had a game to win, Luis. That, and you’re a massive dick.”

“… Oh.”


All of these are my finest moments from the season so far. Disagree? Leave yours in the comments!

*except when I’m wrong.