Why Alan Pardew’s eight-year contract isn’t crazy

October 2, 2012 in Premier League

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Newcastle have awarded Alan Pardew and a few members of his coaching staff eight-year contracts. For some people, this could spell trouble for the boys on the Toon, but I personally believe that this has been an excellent move by Mike Ashley, one of few.

I do know eight years is a long time, but with the past being known as a pantomime up in the north east, passing from manager to manager after the late, great Sir Bobby Robson’s reign, a bit of stability could do a lot of good. Now that Pardew and Ashley are committed to this deal, there really isn’t any backing out for either of them. Pardew has had his wages almost frozen, still at around £30,000 a week, and this means that if England approached him at any time during the next eight years, the FA would have to pay a ton of money to buy him out of his contract with Newcastle United, which is great, but then again, what happens if Newcastle don’t repeat their brilliant form, and slide down the table? Ashley can’t fire Pardew now, without have to pay a hell of a lot of compensation. I know people are asking, why couldn’t it have been for five years? Newsflash: Pardew was already on a five-year contract! But he has a great working relationship with the owners and the players, so it just seems they wanted to keep him in his position as long as possible.

And seeing as he does have such a great relationship with his staff, I’m really happy to see him put forward this sort of commitment that means he wouldn’t even think of being anywhere else until the year 2020! He has shown the club, the players, and the fans, how truly dedicated to making Newcastle a great club once again he really is, and that won’t go unnoticed. Hopefully this can turn around what has been a bit of a sluggish start to the season, and start putting forward some stellar performances, hopefully starting this Thursday against Bordeaux in the Europa League.

Another bit of news from the Toon is that they have decided to cut short their sponsorship with Virgin Money. Considering that Virgin were paying Newcastle £10m a year, I suspect this new sponsor has decided to buy the stadium rights of the club as well, and would be worth considerably more than what Virgin were paying them as well.

All in all, lots of committing to new things from Newcastle this week, and hopefully it doesn’t backfire on them