Ballsy Banter Podcast 14/09/2012 - The Back In The Day Podcast

September 14, 2012 in Podcasts

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Here’s a brand new Ballsy Banter podcast for you all - and this week, it’s got an international flavour! We talk through all the Home Nations’ exploits and how we think they’ll fare in World Cup qualification. We particularly enjoyed discussing the Republic of Ireland’s friendly with Oman, not our online editor Aman, as Manish thought. But, here’s what that would’ve looked like;

A powerful image.

We also look forward to the Premier League this weekend,Manish travels to Lithuania in ‘Around The World In 60 Seconds’ and Matty says ‘Back in the day’ way too much. It’s a goodun.

There are a whole number of ways to listen, click on the ‘Podcast’ page at the top-left of the page and you can either stream it or download the podcast from there. Or just click here to go there direct. Also, for iPhone/iPod users, you can subscribe to it on iTunes and if you have an Android phone, any RSS podcast app will have it available for download by just searching us. It couldn’t be simpler! So give it a listen and please give us some feedback however good or bad, we want to make it as good as we possibly can so you enjoy it as much as we do. Email us, Tweet us or Facebook us your feedback!

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

Up the banter!

The lads.