Liverpool’s youngsters offer hope of a golden sky

September 28, 2012 in Premier League by Farhat Raza

It’s been a bad start to the season at Anfield. Goal shy and shaky at the back, Liverpool sit in 18th position with just two points - it’s been one of the worst starts to the season in the 18 times Champions’ illustrious history. Even so, most Liverpool fans are optimistic, and whilst they won’t claim to be over the moon with the way things are going, or even satisfied, there is very little disillusionment amongst the Liverpool support. Liverpool fans are full of hope (aren’t they always?!), this time inspired by the emergence of a crop of seriously promising talents.

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Can Roy Pick Rio For Rio?

September 27, 2012 in International by Louis Baxter

First of all, how about that wordplay, no? That right there is why nobody pays me to do this. Secondly, with the year-long John Terry Scandal ending the only way it could or should - with the Chelsea captain no longer in the conversation for England selection - certain awkward questions may need to be faced and the centre-back berth will need to be filled. So who have we got? The senior three next in line would be Manchester City’s Joleon Lescott, Everton’s Phil Jagielka and Chelsea’s Gary Cahill, and none of these feel like sure bets.

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Hugo Lloris and the Lack of Patience

September 26, 2012 in FA and Carling Cup, International, Premier League, Transfers by Joseph Kingsley-Nyinah

With the second round of Carling Capital One Cup fixtures starting today, and Tottenham ready to face up to Carlisle, the big team news is that Hugo Lloris will not play in favour of Carlo Cudicini. The fourth most important competition Tottenham compete in, having the third choice goalkeeper taking a step towards valuable match sharpness? Sensible.

Of course, if this comes to pass, it’ll be blown way out of proportion by those who pen the back pages.

It’s getting ridiculous, frankly.

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How to solve a problem like Lee Cattermole?

September 26, 2012 in Premier League by Ben Said Scott

In last weekend’s fixtures, a rare sight was witnessed by many football fans. A red card brandished by a referee which had all involved smiling. Of course, the incident was a rare case of referee humour, the red shown to a player after the ref had been caught up in a fair tackle between two players in the Wigan and Fulham match. However, as a Sunderland fan, it was nice to see the colour without it turning into the proverbial bull and wanting to smash someone’s face in. Too often, games are spoilt by red cards.

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Dean Hoyle’s bold decisions are reaping rewards for Huddersfield

September 26, 2012 in Championship by Matt Harrison

You often hear the chants of a manager’s name ringing around football stadiums, but when was the last time you heard a set of fans chanting their owner or chairman’s name? Well, if you were listening closely Monday night to the last 10 minutes of Blackpool vs Huddersfield, you’d have heard the refrain of “there’s only one Dean Hoyle” loud and clear from the Huddersfield fans.

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