Football Is Back!

August 23, 2012 in Premier League by William Kent

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Real football is back. Saturdays for the past few months have been torture; round the in-laws falling asleep, mowing the lawn and twiddling our thumbs. But we’ve been saved, the season has started, the pubs are calling and the washing up can wait until later. Bring it on.

After enduring England fail once again at a tournament in June, there is nothing better than being able to forget all about the national side, being able to put the men of failure to the back seat of our minds for two years, until we watch them once again repeat the inevitable feat of losing. But enough of that, we’ve got nine months of enjoyment and nine months of reasons of why you can’t take the kids swimming. The beautiful game is here. Spending all our hard-earned cash on losing bets, wasting days in front of the TV watching Sky Sports Super Sundays, and losing our voices shouting when players don’t shoot - it’s what makes football, football.

Like most, I’m still recovering from the last day of the season. Days like that remind us all why we go on those rainy away days to faraway places. The sort of day us football fans will be talking about for many years to come, it was just incredible. The obvious two favourites to take the title this year are either United or City again. If Torres settles down and produces the form we know he can produce, Chelsea could also be a threat. But United have strengthened, while City are reigning champions, with the experience of winning their first league title. No doubt this will once again go down the wire come April/May time. At the other end of the table, who will go down? QPR have been spending big to avoid the drop, but after their 5-0 thumping by Swansea, no one is convinced just yet that they have enough to stay up. Swansea themselves and Norwich haven’t really strengthened either, while usual relegation candidates Wigan will almost certainly be down there come April, not mentioning the three new Premier League new boys. The league is set up perfectly for the neutral fans.

Can Chelsea retain the Champions League? This year’s tournament is guaranteed to be better than ever. Manchester City will be back, along with a strengthened United, as well as the usual favourites of Barca and Real. Combine these four with last season’s undefeated Serie A champions Juventus, as well as the new up and coming French powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain, we could be in for one of the most entertaining Champions Leagues ever. The Europa League line up is also looking pretty tasty, with clubs such as Inter Milan, Marseille, Lyon and Liverpool all in the running.

This season is bound to be a good one. From the early FA Cup rounds to the Champions League final, a ball is being kicked by 22 men on a grass field, and it’s the best entertainment on Earth. So, let it begin. Beer in one hand, remote in the other, football has returned to take over our lives.