Bizarre Bale gaining a reputation he doesn’t want

July 31, 2012 in Olympics, Premier League

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“He’s a bit of a coward”, said Gareth Bale, after being put in crutches for the second time in a year by Charlie Adam after Saturday’s pre-season friendly between Liverpool and Spurs. Calling another professional a coward and insulting his character in an interview is not only hypocritical, but will not solve anything. If anyone has seen the tackle that caused this Bale outburst, it looks as if he has contributed to putting himself in those crutches after another one of his over-exaggerated ‘falls’ to the floor. This is football. To call someone a coward after an accidental foul in a meaningless friendly game just brings yourself unnecessary negative press.

“It’s flattering when players try to take you out in a game but when it threatens your career, it becomes more serious than that.” Why would Charlie Adam be trying to take anyone out, especially in a pre-season game in front of the new boss? It couldn’t have been that painful either, Bale continued to play on until half time, which was another 27 minutes.

Is this really a ‘career threatening challenge’? Djibril Cisse has broken his leg twice and he’s still standing.

But hold on, wait a minute. Wasn’t Gareth Bale supposedly in crutches already, seeing as he was injured and unavailable for the Olympics? He was just too eager to impress his new manager back at Spurs. Surely in thirty years time, it would’ve been nicer to impress your kids and your kids’ kids telling them stories about when you played for Great Britain when the Olympics were held in this country… Obviously not. Once in a lifetime opportunity, gone.

A regularity of falling to the floor untouched, a fair few mini-strops on the pitch, and now a very public outburst at Charlie Adam. Bale is starting to make starting to make the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A talented player, no doubt, but having only played in one Champions League and having only won one trophy, and that being the League Cup, Gareth Bale isn’t the superstar that he seem to think he is. Several exciting talents before have been remembered not for their footballing abilities, but for their theatrics on the pitch, and comments off it. If Bale isn’t careful, he could become one of them.