You’ll Never Walk Alone…when you have three directors

May 31, 2012 in Premier League

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Three, De La Soul once sang, is the magic number.

This has lots of basis in fact. There are numerous scientific studies proving our predisposition to this “triadic structure”. The Western world’s predominant religion is based on “The Holy Trinity”, which may be cause or effect. Film trilogies, traffic lights, even the way we recite phone numbers all point towards our inclination to this. Heck, I just used it as a device right now.

Does it really apply to things that have been established as bad ideas though?

Off the top of my head, the idea of a sporting director has had the same success rate as attempts to keep dignity in any Big Brother house. And now the Fenway Sports Group wants to recruit three for Liverpool?

Granted, it’s never been done before, and I have the enviable position of being wrong about 55% of the time*. The plan for a man to deal with statistics à la Moneyball, another to deal with player negotiations, and a “Football Guy” (supposedly Louis Van Gaal) is unprecedented, and may end up bearing fruit. On the other hand, the fate of Damian Comolli and a little thing called history suggest otherwise.

The manager to front this project has just been selected. He’s young, he’s hungry, he plays the game  “in the right way”.

It’d be a huge mistake for him.

Brendan Rodgers, formerly of Swansea, has agreed terms with the Red half of Merseyside, which will horrify his old fans but won’t be a surprise to followers of Watford. After maintaining his future was with them back in 2009, he moved to Reading merely days later. Sound familiar?

Rodgers has had a relatively successful season with the Swans, their footballing style allowing them to “out-Arsenal Arsenal” (which I unsurprisingly took great glee in). He had the opportunity to build on Swansea’s impressive first season in the top flight, leading them from strength to strength until they became AN EMPIRE!

And he’s thrown it all away for an attempt at what I consider a poisoned chalice.

Regardless, the final decision has been made, and the work needs to begin now. Brendan Rodgers will have to contend with the numerous problems that needs dealing with on the pitch. He will have to handle a club with the history, pride and expectation of Liverpool. Not to mention a trio of directors, one of them an experienced manager in his own right (I remember what happened with Santini and Jol), making “useful suggestions” about every move he makes.

Three big problems. Perhaps not such a magic number after all. But I suppose you never walk alone at Liverpool.

* Conservative estimate