Something you have to see this week: Pay attention Hamsik!

November 30, 2011 in Football Virals, Funny Stuff by Ballsy Banter

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By Matty Deller

In this quite sad week in football, it’s nice to see something that can put a smile on your face - and someone elaborately celebrating a disallowed penalty is one of them. Read the rest of this entry →

Very emotional video to really sum up the feel of Gary Speed’s tragedy…

November 28, 2011 in Features, Football Virals by Ballsy Banter

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A man talking about his friend, it’s as simple as that.

Gary Speed (1969-2011) Read the rest of this entry →

Racism in Modern Football

November 20, 2011 in Features by Ballsy Banter

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By  Louis Baxter

So in the last few weeks, racism has reared its head again in the game of football. This has mystified some, who swore on their lives that racism was a thing of the past, last seen in a Thatcherite era of anger and discontent. Read the rest of this entry →

A fond farewell to an unsung hero of the game…

November 19, 2011 in Features by Ballsy Banter

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By Matty Deller

Today, we saw a true giant of football and sports broadcasting in general hang up his microphone for the final time. However, I would bet that the majority of people would not know what his name is. Read the rest of this entry →

New Podcast! …Most Impressive padawan.

November 18, 2011 in Podcasts by Ballsy Banter

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How far is the Death Star from being finished Petr?

A new episode of Ballsy Banter is now up, so do what you need to do and give it a listen! 

There are a whole number of ways to listen, click on the ‘Podcast’ page at the top-left of the page and you can either stream it or download the podcast from there. Or just click here to go there direct. Also, for iPhone/iPod users, you can subscribe to it on iTunes and if you have an Android phone, any RSS podcast app will have it available for download by just searching us. It couldn’t be simpler! So give it a listen and please give us some feedback however good or bad, we want to make it as good as we possibly can so you enjoy it as much as we do. Email us, Tweet us or Facebook us your feedback!

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