Spare the Rod

October 31, 2011 in International, Premier League by Ballsy Banter

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By Jamie Levitt 

When England were beaten 4-1 at the World Cup last year, the media and the supporters were asking lots of questions. There were questions of management, questions of players, and questions of a disallowed goal (which would have obviously propelled us from abjection and into the world cup final). But perhaps the bigger, infinitely more interesting question came from looking at the players that made up that excellent German team. Why can’t we produce young talent like that German team? Following this there has almost been a co-ordinated offensive to find THAT team and THAT player. Where were our Ozils and Mullers? Despite having a team of players supposedly at their peak (or was that 2006, I forget), something was clearly wrong at the core of the team, rotting were the roots, of the roots, of the grass roots. Read the rest of this entry →

Something you need to see: Dani Alves Vs Barcelona

October 30, 2011 in Europe, Football Virals by Ballsy Banter

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Here’s something from the weekend that will bring some joy to your internets. Dani Alves decides ‘eh, go on lets have a crack’ against Real Mallorca. They we’re already 3-0 up thanks to a Messi hat-trick, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this is a thunderous strike. In off the crossbar as well. YEBOAH. Read the rest of this entry →

Premature Obituaries

October 27, 2011 in Premier League by Aman Pathiara

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By Aman Pathiara

As a die-hard Manchester United fan, it was unbearable to see the Reds lose to arch-rivals Manchester City in such a brutal and comprehensive manner on Sunday; it’s even harder for me to admit that City were simply in a class of their own. To sum it up, City taught United how to control the midfield and how to play the final, killer ball, which is something that United simply could not produce. I’d imagine that any football fan would accept that Sunday was a bad day at the office for United, but the resulting discussions are intriguing; has the power in Manchester, or even England as a whole, really shifted to the blue side? And what was the reason for such an amazing result? Read the rest of this entry →

The most hated England captain?

October 26, 2011 in Features, Premier League by Jamie King

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By Jamie King

John Terry has to be the most hated England captain ever. After Chelsea’s controversial one nil loss at Loftus Road on Sunday, videos swarmed the internet showing the blue’s captain shouting obscenities at Anton Ferdinand. It is believed that the all important word that has caused controversy is ‘blind’ or ‘black’. It wasn’t long before the country made up their mind and branded our national captain as a racist. Read the rest of this entry →

Something you need to see: Lecce Vs AC Milan

October 23, 2011 in Europe, Football Virals by Ballsy Banter

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A superb game from Serie A this weekend - it has it all, dodgy penalties, even dodgier celebrations, A KEVIN PRINCE BOATENG HAT-TRICK OF BULLETS and a dramatic last gasp winner. Who needs the Manchester derby, ay? Read the rest of this entry →